Welcome to the new Surf-fur Website

At Surf-fur we say that change can be good. Like when you find some in your pocket and it's enough to buy a coffee. ...and when it comes to making a website look better.

We have recently updated the website to make it more user friendly. Do you like the way it looks? Great! If you do not.... then we can send you some lipbalm to turn that frown upside down.

Hopefully Surf-fur can help you stay warm and comfortable when it counts.

Brave the Elements!

Stay Comfortable and Safe with a Boat Coat, Swim Parka, or Dive Coat

A boat coat, dive coat, or swim parka is a versatile tool that benefits those who enjoy a variety of water sports. For most of us, thinking of the beach brings to mind warm sunny days soaking up the sun with no concern for ever being cold. For an athlete who ventures beyond the beach to enjoy water sports, the temperature changes that come from going into the water and back out give them a completely different perspective. A boat coat is made to be worn by divers and surfers who venture out into the deeper, and more frigid, waters of the ocean where their body temperature can drop much faster than it does in dry air. A dive coat can be worn to get them warm before they enter the water and put back on once they leave the water to bring their body temperature back up to normal.

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