Frequently Asked Questions (A.K.A. Extra Reading to help you fall asleep!)

Q What is a Water Parka?
A: A Water Parka is the amazing product made only by Surf-fur. It is a unique, multifunctional coat designed for surfers, divers, swimmers, and any water sportsmen. The soft coat is made of lightweight polyester fleece with a special inner membrane called TPU, allowing it to be completely wind-proof, water-proof, and breathable.

Q: special features set the Surf-fur Water Parka apart from other dive/swim parkas and boat coats?
A: The Water Parka, which has a design that is uniquely ours, is made of specially engineered fabric just for this coat. The cool-looking, reversible, hooded coat is completely wind and water resistant. The garment’s long, generous cut allows people to change in and out of their wetsuits and other apparel comfortably and in privacy. The coat has “Zen” changing pockets which allow the wearer to reach through and pull down suits or pull up pants. The Surf-fur is machine washable, and has stainless steel reversible snaps.

Q: Am I going to sweat in the Water Parka?
A: No, the membrane has small holes that allow vapors to go through, but not large droplets or wind. Therefore, your sweat escapes through the fabric. It’s almost like magic!

Q: Who is the Water Parka designed for?
A: Who isn’t the Water Parka designed for is the real question! Actually the Water Parka is not designed for people who like to be cold.

Q: How is the Water Parka utilized?
A: The Water Parka is an all-around protective utility garment that offers comfort, warmth and safety. Because the body loses heat 10 times faster in water than in air of the same temperature, prolonged periods in the water may produce long, slow cooling and undetected hypothermia, even in tropical water. PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) suggests that water sportsmen, especially divers, use protective garments to heat up before, in between, and after dives to insure that the body heat has been restored. Besides keeping warm and dry, the Water Parka can be used for changing, wrapping and storing wetsuits in the car, and wearing over a wetsuit to keep the car seats dry.

Q: Is it necessary to wear the Water Parka in warmer areas?
A: (Because water has a specific heat approximately 1000 times greater than that of air, and a thermal conductivity 24 times greater than that of air), the body loses heat much faster in water than in air of the same temperature.

Using a diver as an example; repeated dives over several days may produce long slow cooling and undetected hypothermia even in tropical water. At the end of a dive, PADI suggests a cold diver should overdo the re-warming until sweating occurs, which indicates that body heat has been restored. This is when the Water Parka would become a diver’s best friend. The diver could put it on immediately following a dive, change under it, reverse it then continue to wear the coat until they were completely re-warmed.

Q: What sizes do you have?
A: We have child sizes Extra Small (1-2 year old) to Large (size 12 youth) and Adult XS to XXXL. If you are not an animal looking for fur that is better than your own, we have your size.

Q: How do I figure out my size?
A: Whatever size you normally take in a wetsuit (or t-shirt) would be your size. However, if you like things a little more “roomy”, go a size up (especially if you plan on wearing a dry suit and/or dive gear under it.) The cut is generous enough to change under, so stick with your size if you are just using it to cover up. You can also check out our sizing chart on our website.

Q: Do you have team pricing?
A: Possibly, please call Cynthia at (858)752-4580 to discuss this potential.

Q: Can I embroider or screen print on the Water Parka?
A: The Water Parka is perfect the way it is! …but embroidery is possible; however, when reversed, the embroidery will be noticeable from the other side. We suggest using a team patch or embroidering fabric and sewing it on the coat. Screenprinting is an option and so is embroidery (which will make it non reversible) and patches are a good idea.

Q: What color choices do you have?
A: We noticed that people wearing certain colors tended to form “gangs”. Not to mention stocking different colors in different sizes is a nightmare and increases costs for everyone! As a result Surf-fur decided to go “color neutral” and only stock black with gray interior from here on in. We currently have black available in all sizes. …besides, black holds the heat much better than any other color. Check back for new color offerings.  Periodically we do a special color run.

Q: Is the Water Parka machine washable?
A: Yes, wash in cold water, no bleach, in the express cycle and hang dry. The more you wash it, the softer it becomes. The softer it becomes the more you need to wear it. …it’s a vicious cycle!

Q: What if the snaps detach from my Water Parka?
A: This was a problem with a few Parkas. We spent lots of time and money fixing this problem and this should never happen again. We take customer satisfaction VERY SERIOUSLY and we stand behind our products 100%. If there is ever a defect or problem with the product consider that experience will not be unpleasant and will be taken care of immediately!
We once bought a camera and it broke after 1 week. The manufacturer said send it in and they would fix it and get it back to us in 6-8 weeks. The camera eventually came back and never worked properly. We made a promise from then on that any experience with Surf-fur would be the opposite from that, and customers would walk away impressed.

Q: What if the size I bought doesn’t fit and I purchased it on-line?
A: Well you probably didn’t consult the size chart! Not a problem.
We made a mistake once and still remember what it felt like ;-). Please send it back to our physical address at 492 Andrew Ave, Encinitas, CA 92024. Make sure you include $15 to cover the return shipping. Please choose sizes carefully.

Q: What if after I buy the Water Parka and feel cool when I wear it?
A: Coolness is the by-product of being warm. Stay Warm my friends!