Richard Balta


Richard Balta is a very well respected competitive spearfisherman that has dominated most spearfishing competitions in southern California as well as some national ones for many years now. He holds numerous world records and has many winning titles under his name. He is a part of the biggest Spearfishing club in the nation the Los Angeles Fathomiers, and dives for the most reputable spearfishing gear manufacture in the world RIFFE INTERNATIONAL. Richard feels more at home on and in the water than he does on land. He travels all around the world looking for the most pristine waters and hunts some of the most elusive fish in the world. His respect and love for the ocean is unmeasurable. Richard believes one of the key aspects to be the best at what you love is to be super comfortable and feel at home while doing it, and I truly believe that the proper gear plays a big roll in that.


Ben Marr


One of kayaking’s rising stars, Ben has taken a spot in the front line of the sports progression. Pushing the limits of freestyle and venturing on high profile international expeditions is what makes the 25 year old small town boy stand out from the rest. A nomination for Tribe’s “Rider of the Year”(www.rideroftheyear.org), and 2nd place at the White Water Grand Prix, top his list of accomplishments for the year.


Terri Plunkett


Terri Plunkett grew up in sunny Southern California and is a self-proclaimed "Nuclear SUP Surfer" which is a combination of Nuclear Medicine Technologist and SUP Surfer. She is a fierce competitor in races that have taken her all over the globe. She is constantly training and hopes to be an inspiration to other women to follow their hearts and dreams.


Lena Jovanovic

Lena Jovanovic is a freediving champion. She's an actress by trade and a successful sales agent. In only two years she broke 12 National freediving records in six disciplines and won a medal in the World Championships. She fears no depth, loves speed and looks forward to any challenge.


Linden Wolbert

Linden Wolbert is a professional Mermaid who produces an on-line show for kids called "The Mermaid Minute." Her wish is that any child with computer access may enjoy free ocean education programming which teaches them to explore, love and protect our oceans! She is an avid diver and lover of oceans. We are honored to have her as a very special Wotter(mer)man! www.mermaidminute.com


Adrienne Levknecht

Adrienne Levknecht is our totally awesome woman extreme whitewater kayaker. She has won the Green Race in NC five times in a row, was voted Canoe and Kayaks "Female Padder of the Year", and been a US Freestyle kayak team member two times. Kayacking is her passion as well as traveling and enjoying life to the fullest. 


Lisa Hertz

Lisa lives in Florida and is a marathon swimmer. She swims and races long distances. A marathon swim is at least 6 miles, and can be as long as 20 or more. 
Lisa has completed marathon swims including a double crossing Isle of Wight channel, the Swim Miami 10K, the Swim Charleston 12 Mile Swim, and Tri-Floyd's 8 Mile Swim. Hertz was the winner of the women's division of 2013 Swim Around Charleston and is the 2013 women's winner and current record holder of the Tri-Floyd 8 Mile. Hertz swam for Franklin and Marshall College between 2003 and 2007, competing in sprint freestyle andbackstroke events. She was also the 2008 recipient of the Cynthia Earley Educational Foundation scholarship and competed in the Chesapeake 4.4 Mile Bay Swim (2008-2010). 


Maile Grow


Maile G. is our gromette Wotterman from Carlsbad. She loves surfing and travels far and wide for good surf. We saw her tearing it up one afternoon at Lowers with overhead sets. Her style really makes her stand out in the line-up. She doesn't do competitions because she is one of Jehovah's witnesses and doesn't want anything to interfere with religious activities. She compares being in the ocean to being in space with no gravity where you can float around.  


The Groms


These brothers are always at the beach…can you tell by the bleached blonde hair? I have seen them run at top speeds from the car to the waves so they don’t waste any time. And they really tear it up out there!

Cal, age 8, is already an accomplished surfer having won the La Jolla Shores surf contest AND 2nd place with WSA.  If it were possible, he wishes he could be a dog so that he could enter dog surf contests too! When he is eating his favorite food, mac and cheese, he often ponders why adults shave, because he thinks it is strange.

Seabass, age 10, beat out his brother by a few points by getting first place in the La Jolla Shores Surf Contest. When he isn’t surfing, he is skateboarding or dreaming of surfing more at Lowers, his favorite surf spot.

Finn, age 12, is an awesome conversationalist! He loves to draw pictures on his surfboard, when it is not in the water, and can’t stop thinking about going to Hollister Ranch this weekend for a spectacular surf session he has planned. He is also hoping to get his favorite cheeseburger at The Habit.


Lina Augaitis


Born in 1980 in Ottawa, Lina Augaitis spent much of her youth as a competitive gymnast. In 2003 Lina moved to Vancouver to complete her master’s in Sport Psychology at UBC. Lina began rock climbing and then spent a few years in Whistler, where she started trail running, mountain biking and backcountry skiing. A lot. By 2007 Lina was competing in triathlons, marathons, and adventure races in exotic places like Trinidad, seeing how far she could push her body. In 2008 Lina moved to Vancouver. It was in the fall of that year that Lina discovered the sport of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) by chance, while visiting California. In her 2013 talk at FEAT Canada (video at bottom), Lina admits her first time on a SUP did not go smoothly. Since then, however, it’s safe to say Lina has improved and she has been taking the SUP world by storm. After several years of training and racing at SUP races around the world and doing very well, Lina was curious to see much she could excel if she dedicated herself to the sport full-time and is now a professional SUPper!


JC Malick

Jason "JC" Malick is a marathon swimmer and member of the International Ice Swimming Association. For both, only standard swim trunks, goggles, and silicone swim cap are permitted. To constitute becoming an ice swimmer, he swam over a mile in 38 F water (he wishes he had a Surf-Fur to help aid in the recovery from moderate hypothermia as the body goes into after drop immediately following the swim) in Avalon, NJ in January 2012. Jason has swum in below freezing water but for much less than a mile in Coney Island, NY. Additionally, he has been swimming marathon swims for over ten years including becoming the first Delawarean to swim across the Catalina Channel (21 miles) in CA in 2013, pioneering several 20+ mile swims in NJ around barrier islands, and many other swims in South Africa and the United States. Additionally, Jason is passionate about all sports involving water and loves to play on his surf ski whenever possible!