Stay Comfortable and Safe with a Boat Coat, Swim Parka, or Dive Coat

A boat coat, dive coat, or swim parka is a versatile tool that benefits those who enjoy a variety of water sports. For most of us, thinking of the beach brings to mind warm sunny days soaking up the sun with no concern for ever being cold. For an athlete who ventures beyond the beach to enjoy water sports, the temperature changes that come from going into the water and back out give them a completely different perspective. A boat coat is made to be worn by divers and surfers who venture out into the deeper, and more frigid, waters of the ocean where their body temperature can drop much faster than it does in dry air. A dive coat can be worn to get them warm before they enter the water and put back on once they leave the water to bring their body temperature back up to normal.

Hypothermia is a real concern for those athletes and enthusiasts who can’t get enough time in the water. With a swim parka to keep you warm before, after, and in-between sessions, you can keep your body temperature higher and protect yourself from the hazards of the cold water. Once you are finished for the day, your boat coat can give you a little more privacy while you take off your wetsuit. Just pull the top of the wetsuit down to your waist before putting the swim parka on. Snap up the front and use the open pockets to put your hands through to the interior and remove the wetsuit.

Your dive coat can not only make a difference in your comfort and safety when you are diving or surfing, it is also a handy tool for protecting your gear. Use the dive coat in your board bag to add cushion to your gear so that it is secure and protected during your travel. You can also wrap wet gear in the boat coat once you are finished with your outing so that it protects your vehicle from getting wet. A swim parka is a very versatile tool that you can use in a lot of different ways to make every trip to the beach a more comfortable one from start to finish!

Do you usually rely on a wind parka during those days when there is a lot of wind? Get the protection you need from those harsh elements with a waterproof boat coat that is lightweight yet forms an effective barrier against wind and water. Coming out of the water into a windy environment can cause your body temperature to drop quickly. With a nice, long dive coat to protect you from the wind, you can keep your body at a more comfortable temperature while still wearing your wetsuit. Once you have removed the wetsuit and put on dry clothes, reverse the boat coat to keep you warm.

A dive coat is different from a regular coat that is made to hold in heat. The boat coat is made to breathe so that you don’t get too warm or perspire with the coat on. Whether you are a surfer, diver, or any other athlete who spends a great deal of time in the water, a swim parka will help keep you more comfortable, safer, and give you more privacy!