Scuba Gadget review by Chaela Sumner: “….For the rest of the trip, I found my Surf-fur boat coat to be an asset, even in these hot tropical surroundings…..”

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Spearboard review by Brent Christensen: “Wow, it was a different parka when it came out. My 14 year old daughter immediately confiscated it, wrapped herself with it, and snuggled up on the sofa with a book.”

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Surfer Girl review: “It's a half an hour drive, but the waterproof parka lived up to its name, protecting the car's interior from my drippy self.”

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Scuba Gear Reports review: "SPEND A DAY on a dive boat wearing a Surf-Fur Parka and your old dive jacket will end up hanging in your closet, forever abandoned.”

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“We sit on our deck and watch the sunset in our Surf-furs. It’s better than a blanket! And we wear it to our neighbor’s hottub!”
K.Wilk, Triathlete, Denver, CO

“We both wear our Surf-furs to swim class. I am warm and don’t get wet, and he can wear his to stay warm while I change him.”
M. Barczewski, Mom to Drew, 10 months, San Diego, CA

“The Surf-fur went over big at the NSSA Surf Competition. It kept the kids warm in between heats and the parents warm while their kids were in the water.”J. Dowell, Surf Coach for San Clemente High School, San Clemente, CA

Every one of my dive buddies got one for christmas and I had the privilege to steal one of theres for a few lobster all nighters and I've never been so warm. I think you guys would have really good success with swim, dive and water polo teams. I was a competitive swimmer and are parkas were nothing like yours I will spread the word to my old coaches. -Thanks Mike ”



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