The Best Changing Robe/ Parka May 19, 2016 14:37

“First listen, then learn, then practice.” Yogi Teabag


If you have ever had the pleasure of drinking a delicious Yogi Tea, I am sure you have noticed the really profound saying on the paper tab attached to the end of the string. The other day, mine had the above saying on it. It made me think about our brand and where we started. We needed something to protect us from the cold. We needed something that was big enough to change under if we were off to work or another location right after our session. We needed something that was easy to wash, waterproof, windproof. So, we started from the beginning and wrote everything down that we wanted. Then, we asked all of our friends, and some random people at the beach, what they thought of our idea. what would they add? What would they take off? And what was the perfect fabric for this garment? We then tested out many prototypes. One was way too long, the next was way too wide, the next was almost there, but the fabric was never right. It took us SIX years of listening, and learning before we got out there to practice with our first shipment in 2007.

Since then, we are still listening, still learning and still totally stoked to hear when we have kept someone warm or have revolutionized their way of doing things.

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