Cold Water Surfing Through The Lense Of Chris Burkard February 11, 2016 13:41


Cold water surfing has become a bit of an obsession with all of us at Surf-fur. We have been getting some pretty RAD photos from customers who have braved major elements in icy line-ups (see instagram account @surffur). We want to be them, but at the same time, we are momentarily glad to be sitting in front of our computers with our warm Surf-furs on and the heater blowing up our legs.

We finally gave in and planned a quickie surf trip up to Oregon. We stopped at our favorite local shop, Cannon Beach Surf Shop, and Mark suited us up with lots of neoprene. I tend to shy away from booties so I can really feel my board, but it was strongly urged that I wear them. The first duck dive was a major brain freeze, but the vibe out there was incredible! The waves were big, consistent and glassy. I noticed that my hood kept getting in the way and pulling, but it was because I had a smile stuck on my face! I was a part of something really cool that day.


I recently watched this TED talk with the incredibly talented surf photographer, Chris Burkard. Chris Burkard is an American self-taught photographer and artist, based in California Central Coast region. Burkard’s work is layered by landscape, lifestyle, surf, outdoor and travel subjects. Burkard takes a photojournalistic approach to conceptualize large-scale editorial projects that extend across multiple mediums, formulated for digital and print content platforms. The use of natural lighting techniques is prevalent throughout Burkard’s work as well as capturing humanizing moments in both cultural and natural landscapes. His thoughts of “Anything has the danger of becoming monotonous” brought him out to the frozen corners of the world in search of empty line-ups and perfect waves. Here is where the method behind the madness if explained. unnamed unnamed-4

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Burkard’s Bio taken from TED Talk website