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Wotterman Ambassador Program Launching This Week!


Warmth Ambassador Program

The Surf-fur Warmth Ambassador program is extended to unique individuals in various water communities who embody the Wotterman lifestyle and live our culture. We value their community involvement and dedication. We want you to apply to be the newest member of the Wottermen Ambassador Team and work with us to spread the warmth!

Job description: Our brand ambassadors are men, women, groms and gromettes who venture forth to share our story in the commercial jungles of the world. They hold enormous power to sway opinion about our brand. Teach, Wear, Talk-up and Lead your people to warmth!


Teach the world about the benefits of using the Waterparka. Educate yourself with all the features and functions of our products by reading the training document below. You can also add in your own experiences of how and when you use your Surf-fur products.

Wear Surf-fur products at events, races, activities, and while hard-coring it in your sport.

Talk up the benefits of using your Surf-fur in person and on all our social media pages. Tag us @surffur and hashtag #surffur on all your water related posts. Like our Surf-fur Facebook page and post away! The most active social media Ambassadors will get special invites to events and/or trips we may have planned.


Lead friends and peers to our website to order or get more information. We will often have special codes you can pass on to get special discounts for your friends and family.

*You can also guest blog if you have something newsworthy to write about. This can be a description of a trip you took, an ocean inspired recipe you use a lot, or  even a bunch of photos and video of your adventures. Just send us an email and we can discuss further.


  • First crack at new products and ones we are testing
  • Proform pricing on items of your size
  • Occasional field testing for new products
  • Reposting of social media content
  • Invites to VIP events


Ambassador Questionnaire: (Copy and paste the questions below and put in an email addressed to Outreach@surf-fur.com by August 1st 2015). We are looking for ambassadors who are awesome storytellers and who are also good at making their stories relevant to the people they’re talking to. If you are an influencer in your community, we want you! And we want to listen to you. Please completely answer the questions below in order to be considered for a position with Surf-fur as our newest Wotterman Ambassador. At the bottom of the page, you can add any cool stuff you think would be interesting that maybe we didn’t ask about (i.e. the biggest fish you ever caught, a cool shark story, etc.)



Are you ever in a position where you are in front of a large group of watermen? Please explain.

Would you describe yourself as an influencer in your water community? Please explain.

Where do you live?

What are your water obsessions?

Give us a brief history of how and when you became a waterman? (i.e. what age were you when you started? How did it all begin? Any certifications or awards?)

What is your coolest or most memorable experience in the water?

Give us your most brutal “brave the elements” story?

What is your favorite place to _________________? (dive, surf, freedive, fish, kayak)

What is it about the ocean that inspires you the most?

What is your favorite feature of the Surf-fur Waterparka??

What is your future plan for Braving the Elements in your Surf-fur? (tell us if you have any upcoming trips of events coming up. If there is a website to link to, please put that in there.)

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