Part Three: Brave the Elements Tour February 05, 2015 10:00

Written by Cynthia Issel

Next stop was Cannon Beach for the plunge with Cannon Beach Surf Shop. We had a lot of watchers, and not a lot of plungers, which seemed to be the theme at almost every plunge. The shop is ran by Mark who grew up in California during the beginning of the surfing culture experiencing it all first hand. The best part of the store was the stories that come along with any visit. His walls and ceiling are covered with surfing memorabilia past and present that include broken surfboards, board shorts, and a photo of Mark surfing with his buddies on a beach covered in snow!

Cannon beach surf shopHe also prides himself in selling only hand shaped boards. There was a quiver of beautiful, smooth, colorful boards of all shapes specifically made for Oregon surfing and Mark can tell you exactly where to go on what day. Cannon beach was definitely our favorite town that we stopped in on the whole tour. Sure, it was raining the whole time, but there were watermen everywhere with a laid-back attitude, planning their days with surrounded by when they will get in the water. We felt comfortable and among our tribe.

The plunge was held at Haystack Rock right in the middle of a rainforest. I thought it would be the coldest on the trip since it was drizzling and windy up until we jumped in. An angel came out of nowhere and helped us on with our Surf-furs after the plunge, which was unbelievably nice!  It was here that I realized how obsessed I am with moss and fungi. I must have taken about 150 photos of both because each one has their own color and texture. It is pretty awesome! Maybe its because I live in Southern California and only see moss when the neighbor’s sprinkler system has a leak, but I really couldn’t get enough of the furry, green, bryophytes.

Right across the street from the shop is The Sleepy Monk Coffee Shop. They have the best coffee and scones we have tasted anywhere in the world! We considered moving there just for the shop and the coffee. We miss you already Cannon Beach, Oregon!

Astoria Scuba

Astoria Scuba in Astoria, Oregon was the coldest plunge of the tour! Floyd planned a jump right off Pier 39 into 44 degree water. OOooooohhhh it was cold! Floyd braved the elements in the water and hung out as the safety diver for every plunger that went in (It’s all about safety with Astoria Scuba!). The store sits right on Pier 39 and the Columbia River at the tip of Astoria. It is one of the most dangerous rivers to swim due to its rough and fast currents. Read more for some cool history HERE.

Fortunately, Floyd had the hot tub all heated up for the post plunge party and had plenty of doughnuts and cheese from the Tilamook Cheese Factory. There was some great give-aways including a GoPro Camera. Floyd and his family really know how to throw a party! Before leaving, we hit the Bumble Bee Tuna Cannery Museum right on the pier then for a stop at Coffee Girl for a nice Mocha. It took a long time to warm up after that plunge.

At the end of the road, we unhooked El Diablo for a full seven days of wet, outdoor fun. Fortunately, we were in the coolest place to just chill, hike, explore, surf, walk in the rain and drink coffee; Cannon Beach! We really didn’t want to go home.

northern oregon

way to surf

Oswald State Park

Northern Oregon 2

After 3224 miles and 94 hours in the car, we finally made it back safely to Encinitas, California for some sunny days! We didn’t quite hit our target of $10,000 for Ocean Futures Society, but personally, we were richer for the experience.


Goodbye Road!

In December 2014, Surf-fur owners Cindy and Zenon Issel took their family on the road to benefit Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Oceans Futures Society. During their trip they braved the elements with countless adventure seeking wottermen in some of the greatest northwest natural waterways. Read Part One of our Journey and Part Two of our Journey.

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