Ottertalks Q&A with Jeff Powelson December 15, 2014 10:47


Clyde the Otter recently dived into the ocean with Owner Jeff Powelson of Portland, Oregon’s Aquatic Sports shop for a special Surf-fur Brave the Elements tour interview.

Clyde the Otter: Tell us a brief history of Aquatic Sports.

Jeff Powelson: Our store’s history starts in 1966. We are a family owned business started for the love of diving. Our core statement: To create safe and comfortable divers through the best educational system in the dive industry.

CTO: What is it like playing and working at your store? 

JP: Being a small business it’s like working with your family. Everyone has pride in what they do and strives to give the best to their customers.

CTO: Otters are known for our thick fur nature. What is your shop known for?

JP: Quality products, knowledgable staff, friendly atmosphere and a training facility with our own indoor pool.


CTOOtters brave the elements all the time. Tell us one memory of you “braving the elements”?  

JP: Last December we took twelve divers for their first dives. We woke up to 7 degrees outside and 44 degree water temperature.

CTO: Seashells! What’s your favorite feature of the Surf Fur?

JP: It’s comfort.

CTO: Surf-fur is collaborating with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society this winter to raise awareness about the condition of our oceans. Tell us a way that your store has given back to the ocean.

JP: We work with high schools in the area and promote diving through education. Last Thursday our store took a group of high school students to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and dove the aquarium. They received a full day of education and adventure. Nothing better than sharing with our young divers.

CTO: Well thank you for saving our oceans and saving yourself!DatesforBrave

Make sure to catch Clyde the Otter, the Surf-fur team, and Aquatic Sports on Sunday, December 21, 2014 as we make the swim to Portland to plunge The Icy Pool at Aquatic Sports at 2 PM. Hang out, chow down, and holiday shopping beforehand with our wottermen friends from 12pm to 2pm at Aquatic Sports!

Want to get salty with us for the Portland Plunge at Aquatic Sports pool? R.S.V.P. through donation by CLICKING HERE!

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Now, Clyde the Otter wants to hear from you! When have you braved the elements?

Your pal,

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