Ottertalks Q&A with Cheryl Babineau December 05, 2014 08:25


Clyde the Otter recently laid back in the ocean with Co-owner Cheryl Babineau of Scotts Valley, California’s Pro Scuba Dive Center for a special Surf-fur Brave the Elements tour interview.

Clyde the Otter: Tell us a brief history of Pro Scuba Dive Center.

Cheryl Babineau: We opened our doors as the first Dive shop in the town of Scotts Valley on Memorial Day 2013. Since then we have become a Pro Gold NAUI training facility and a Platinum Dealer for Scubapro Equipment. Our goal was to provide a dive center that was more professional, clean and welcoming than the traditional Dive shop.

CTO: What is it like playing and working at your store? 

CB: Our days are busy but fun. We have made many new friends in the community.

CTO: Otters are known for our laid-back nature. What is your shop known for?

CB: Our center is know for its quality and high standards. We are the only center that equips our female divers with gear designed just for them. We also have a very active and friendly Dive Club called Scuba Squad.

CTO: Well if I’ve learned anything about the Scuba Squad is that to be a member you have to be smart, work hard and not tell a soul about it (because then everybody’s gonna wanna join). Seashells! Otters brave the elements all the time. Tell us one memory of you “braving the elements”?  

CB: One winter morning while driving to the dive site for a basic scuba lesson we noticed the sandy beaches look more white than normal. They were white because a light dust of snow was covering them. As we geared up to enter the water weather went from snow to hail to rain. Outside temperature was 22 degrees! The ocean temperature was 56 degrees. It was the first time everyone was excited to get into the cold ocean because it was warmer!

CTO: What’s your favorite feature of the Surf Fur?

CB: The warmth!



CTO: Surf-fur is collaborating with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society this winter to raise awareness about the condition of our oceans. Tell us a way that your store has given back to the ocean.

CB: Many of the divers we train work at the local marine labs and research stations. We offer discounts to our local college students in the marine science program for equipment and training. We work hard to train and prepare those who will be involved in protecting our oceans future.

CTO: Well thank you for saving our oceans and saving yourself!DatesforBrave

Make sure to catch Clyde the Otter, the Surf-fur team, and Pro Scuba Dive Center on Saturday, December 13, 2014 as we make the swim to Santa Cruz County to plunge The Main Beach at Municipal Wharf at 8 AM. Hang out, chow down, and holiday shopping afterward with our wottermen friends from 10am to 12pm at Pro Scuba Dive Center!

Want to get salty with us for the Santa Cruz Plunge at Main Beach Municipal Wharf? R.S.V.P. through donation by CLICKING HERE!

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Now, Clyde the Otter wants to hear from you! When have you braved the elements?

Your pal,

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