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Since we’ve started our Brave the Elements Tour to benefit Ocean Futures Society, you’ve been asking, “What is Ocean Futures Society?” and “How is Jean-Michel Cousteau involved?”

Today, we are going to answer your biting questions. So nibble on this.

Clyde the Otter laid out in the Pacific Ocean with Marine Biologist and Executive Coordinator for Jean-Michel Cousteau, Holly S. Lohuis to find out the digs.

Clyde the Otter: When and how did you get involved with Ocean Futures Society?

Holly S. Lohuis: I met Jean-Michel in 1993, just after I graduated UCSB with a Marine Biology degree. I was working as a dive instructor in town. Let me tell you, it’s a small diving community in Santa Barbara. I easily met him through mutual friends. At the time, Jean-Michel was launching some new educational programs on small cruise ships. It sounded interesting to me and so I joined him and his team in 1996.

Photo Credit: GREAT HAMMERHEAD SHARK- RICHARD MURPHY, PhD- Ocean Futures Society

Photo Credit: GREAT HAMMERHEAD SHARK- RICHARD MURPHY, PhD- Ocean Futures Society

CTO: In four sentences or less, tell us what is the most important thing you want people to know about Ocean Futures Society for people who do not know about you?

HSL: Ocean Futures Society is a free membership, marine conservation organization reaching millions of people globally to care for the sustainability of our ocean through environmental oriented TV specials, feature films, school programs, articles, books and lectures. Jean-Michel Cousteau, oldest son of the famous environmentalist Jacques Cousteau, founded OFS in 1999 to carry on his father’s legacy and to inspire us all to be better stewards of the ocean. As a voice for the ocean, Jean-Michel and the work of OFS inspires audiences worldwide to act responsibly to preserve the fragile underwater ecosystems that are intricately tied to all life on our water planet.

CTO: Jean-Michel Cousteau is one of the most important icons associated with ocean conservation. Can you tell us something about him that you’ve learned over the years that most people would not know about him?

HSL: Yes. Jean-Michel is passionate diplomat that loves to interact with kids. Any opportunity he has to share the underwater world with our leaders of tomorrow always ‘recharges his batteries.’ Those are his words! He loves to be around children of all ages and hear about their passion and their dreams.

CTO: What is Ocean Futures Society most important project right now?

HSL: We have many important projects including a new IMAX film, ‘Secret Ocean 3D‘ coming out in 2015, a new educational programs for youth, ‘Ambassadors of the Environment‘, and our ability to share our newest documentary in film festivals about a special place in the Central Pacific, ‘Swains Island- One of the Last Jewels of the Planet.’

Photo Credit: HUMBOLDT SQUID- CARRIE VONDERHAAR- Ocean Futures Society

Photo Credit: HUMBOLDT SQUID- CARRIE VONDERHAAR- Ocean Futures Society

CTO: Tell us a time when you “Braved the Elements”?

HSL: Well recently on November 25th, 2014 at Refugio State Beach I braved the elements with the team from Surf-fur and Ocean Sport Scuba and Freediving….just kidding. I know you want more!

Some of my most memorable moments underwater with Jean-Michel Cousteau and the Ocean Futures Team are:

– Diving above the artic circle in Norway in the month of November in search of killer whales.

– Diving with Humboldt squid in the Sea of Cortez.

– Diving with hundreds of gray reef sharks in Rangiroa, Rrench Polynesia — I love sharks!

– Most recently, diving with the beautiful great hammerhead sharks in the Bahamas…. Did i say I love sharks!?

CTO: Well, can I say that we love the work you do with Ocean Futures Society? Thank you for saving our oceans and saving yourself!

Make sure to catch Clyde the Otter and the Surf-fur team as we make the swim up the coast to plunge a beach near you!

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