Save the Ocean, Save Yourself! The Reason for the Tour Season. November 24, 2014 15:17


El Diablo Bianco

The Winter Season, especially the time leading up to the Holidays, is a very stressful and busy time in our family business.

Seven years ago we started a family and simultaneously begun our business. It was the exact same month. Since then, we have added three boys to our family and two styles of Parka to the business. In other words, we consider ourselves parents of five.

Our busiest season is during the Holidays because that’s when all three boys have their birthdays. It’s madness!

Last year was a blurry memory of fleece, decorated cookies, warehousing issues, and many birthday cakes.

To be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t enjoy last December… at all. I was happy when it was all over.

It seemed like every December I felt like I was turning into a more frazzled, twitchy, and mumbling version of Scrooge. My poor kids would just stare at me and wonder if I was going to come out all right in the end.

We are obsessed adventurous, water people and, just like the sea otter in our logo, we cannot survive if we are not near the water. So you can imagine, when the closest I got to being underwater was looking at the fish tanks in PetCo. I was left fuzzy and incoherent.


After last holiday’s blur, we had dinner guests who were visiting for two months down from Cannon Beach, Oregon to just surf every single day. Our guest told stories of growing up in Santa Cruz and moving to Oregon when his parents bought a farm. The night was filled with Oregon surfing stories past and present along with some epic California surfing stories. What can I say? Living in an old California Surf town gets me into a lot of conversations with the locals about “the old days”.

It was after listening to him talk about his adventurous life that inspired me to want to jump in the car and head North! Far North! Away from my desk that I had been chained to for the previous three months building a Water Company that kept me out of the water for most of that time!

This is when I had the epiphany: Next season we are taking the show on the road to meet new people, surf, kayak, SUP, free dive, maybe enter a race or two, do a polar bear swim, kite board, visit shops, dive, eat fish, hug trees, play in the sand, and give away hats all the way up the West Coast as close to Canada as we can get!


With our five children we are heading North with “El Diablo Bianco” to meet like-minded individuals and get in the water as much as possible!

We have good water-lovin’ people working with us, awesome stores who believe in our product and are helping us build our brand, AND we just launched our new product, the SurfCheck Hoodie!

We are going out to Brave The Elements, field test the SurfCheck, meet lots of other like-minded individuals to hang with, and start a new tradition of enjoying the Holiday Season. We hope you get to enjoy yours, too.

It is going to be wild ride…


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