OtterTalks Q&A with Kimberly Park November 20, 2014 12:06

Clyde the Otter recently laid back in the ocean with Co-owner Kimberly Park of Lompoc, California’s Ocean Sports Scuba and Freediving shop for a special Surf-fur Brave the Elements tour interview.

Clyde the Otter: Tell us a brief history of Ocean Sports Scuba and Freediving (OSSF).

Kimberly Park: Well, Ocean Sports was established in Lompoc, CA twenty-one years ago. My partner Shaun Crouse and I started managing it late 2010. We relocated it to a location in historic Old Town Lompoc that had been vacant for approximately ten years and officially purchased it July 2012.

CTO: The Chamber of Commerce says your business breathed new life into Lompoc’s historic downtown. Why did you move it to that location?

KP: Actually, the building where we moved OSSF is the same exact spot of the very first dive shop opened in Lompoc in the 1970’s. We love having that kind of history in our new Ocean Sports Scuba & Freediving Shop!!

Photo curtesy of Kimberly Park from Ocean Sport Scuba and Freediving shop.

Photo curtesy of Kimberly Park from Ocean Sport Scuba and Freediving shop.

CTO: Seashells, that’s some history! What is it like working and playing at OSSF?

KP: It is pretty amazing. We love what we do and we get to share that with everyone who walks through our doors!! There’s nothing like helping people explore the Ocean above and below the surface!!

CTO: Otters are known for our playful nature. What is OSSF known for?

KP: We are known for FUN!! And also, being really safe with everything we do from dive gear, dive classes and dive trips.

CTO: Otters brave the elements all the time. Tell us one memory of you “braving the elements”?  

KP: The first time we went freediving for Abalone in Mendocino County last year the wind was freezing and the water conditions were really rough. We braved the elements and it was a great feeling to be able to get out of the water with all of my gear intact and one good-sized abalone! Our Surf Furs were a much needed addition to wear before we got in the water.

CTO: What’s your favorite feature of the Surf Fur?

KP: I love that it keeps me warm! I wear it right before going diving and then I jump right back into it afterward. I get so warm so quick!! I just did that today after a pool lesson and it works like a charm every time. Thank you Surf-fur!!!

Ocean Sports-Lompoc-Dive Shop-Fundraiser-for-Cousteau's-Ocean Future's Society-Nov 25th-2014

CTO: Surf-fur is collaborating with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society this winter to raise awareness about the condition of our oceans. Tell us a way that your store has given back to the ocean.

KP: Actually this is our OSSF’s first fundraiser which is why we are so excited to be a part of this event! We love that we can help out a cause so close to our hearts and home as a dive shop in Santa Barbara County. Even though this is our first fundraiser, we know that each time we certify a PADI Open Water Scuba Diver we are gaining another great advocate for our Oceans!! What brings us hope is that we work with kids from the age of 10-years-old and up and then we see them working at the local High School Aquarium and helping to collect specimens by using their diving skills. This is what we love!

CTO: Well thank you for saving our oceans and saving yourself!

Make sure to catch Clyde the Otter, the Surf-fur team, and OSSF on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 as we make the swim to Santa Barbara County to plunge Refugio State Beach at 4pm. We will be doing some pre-hanging out and chowing down with our wottermen friends from 11am to 2pm that day at Ocean Sport Scuba and Freediving!

Want to get salty with us for the Santa Barbara Plunge at Refugio State Beach? R.S.V.P. through donation by CLICKING HERE!

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