Meet Your “Inner Otter” Clyde November 19, 2014 10:58

A couple of days ago we gave you the Wottermen’s Creed.

We told you that the world was once only water and so it is in our nature to be strongly drawn to the sea.

We told you this intuitive calling unleashes your “inner otter”.

Let’s call your “inner otter” Clyde.


Your “Inner Otter” Clyde



Clyde is a resilient and playful creature. He loves catching waves and is very sincere about his water sport.

Ocean rocks provide him with a way to crack open mussels and swirling kelp gives him anchorage as he drifts asleep on his back to the rocking of the sea.

But he also knows that he must be equipped with the right tools to endure any weather condition.

Which brings us to Clyde’s most invaluable asset: his thick water-repellant underfur keeping him cozy, warm, and dry.

An asset he naturally must keep clean. The ladies love it every time. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.

Humans are aware of the super powers of otter fur. In fact otters were once hunted for their fur to the point of near extinction nearly eliminating the otter fur super powers altogether.

Thankfully today’s otters are protected by law.

As you can imagine, when Clyde’s ocean is in a peaceful state he is too. When his oceans are threatened by human disregard, naturally so is he.

Clyde is on a mission. He has begun his journey with the Surf-fur team to Brave the Elements this winter for the purpose of engaging more people to care about ocean conservation, living a more sustainable lifestyle, and protecting our water planet for future generations.

He will be swimming all the way up to Oregon interviewing wottermen, making friends with all, and spreading awareness about our Oceans Future.

Clyde is your “inner” ocean advocate reminding you to practice mindfulness. 

Be on the lookout because your “inner otter” Clyde has just taken over the Wottermen Chronicles.

(No, really, I have. Check out who wrote this post.)

Your pal,

Clyde Signature

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