Adventures in Central America September 22, 2014 13:36

Our adventures brought us to Nicaragua this Summer. We brought along the new SurfCheck hoodie just in case we came across a cold morning or couldn’t find a towel. The weather was balmy 24 hours a day, but it sure felt good to put on the SurfCheck after a longer sessession at the end of the day.




The only family portrait we took was this blurry one in a cafe on our last day. However, we did get at least 100 photos of the ocean!

This is my happy place. I had this left reef break to myself everydayIMG_3632Views of the cloud forestIMG_3907IMG_3832IMG_4120IMG_3668IMG_3311

This was our daily commute.IMG_3299IMG_3911IMG_3204IMG_3343Making FriendsIMG_3568IMG_3846IMG_3893IMG_3182IMG_3476IMG_3379IMG_3714IMG_3855IMG_3522IMG_3453


IMG_3393IMG_3407The last dinner before heading out.