Secret Spot June 19, 2014 10:08


Have you ever gone to a waterman’s house for dinner and asked where they caught that delicious bass? Well, next time you do, ask the question then sit back and watch the show. They freeze for a split second, avoid eye contact, then blurt out a local beach where you most likely have NEVER seen anyone walk out of the water with even so much as a sand dollar. Then, they change the subject super fast. I call that the “brush off.” There is no way in Hell you are going to be privy to that kind of  information unless you have something of equal value to share yourself…and they usually make you tell it first.


The Stinkeye

Save the questions and do this… follow them around one day! They do drive-bys several times a day for surf checks and to see if anyone is in their spot. If there is no sign of any boats or kayaks, they scan the top of the water looking for fins to pop up. If some unfortunate soul is in their spot, and his or her swimming style/boat is not familiar, there will be some major stink eye happening. Visualizations of hungry Great Whites with low IQs, stuffy noses and poor eyesight dance in their heads who swim right over to where the intruder bobs up and down. I know this first hand because every date night my husband suggests we go check out the “sunset” in the same location. He is never looking at the sun setting! He has his eyes affixed firmly on the “spot”, arms crossed, legs splayed, eyes defensively searching the waters. A pod of dolphins could swim by and do jumps over passing whales who are holding sparklers in their blow holes and he wouldn’t notice- unless they were in his “spot.”


I completely support his desire to keep his spot hidden. In general, people don’t share their spots because we are afraid someone will come in and ruin them! For example, my husband and I had a secret picnic spot with the perfect view of the ocean and ample parking anytime we went. It wasn’t really ‘legal’ that we were there, but we figured if we kept it real quiet and held no parties there, it would remain there for only us forever. The perfect spot. We even got engaged there. We swore to each other that we would never tell a soul! Not even for a million dollars! Then, one night, it was fenced off and security was hired to make sure no one entered. Someone had a party there. Our spot was forever ruined.


No, this is not a photo of my favorite surf spot!

My secret surf spots in San Diego are not really “secret”, as there are signs of life all around the area, but they are secret to me because of the mood in the water. The Aloha spirit resides in both spots which makes for an awesome time in the water even when I am not really feelin’ it or the waves aren’t perfect 5-6 foot glassy barrels. When I go out, which is hard to do with three kids and a business to run, it is in search of a place to escape. And I don’t like talking. I like to sit there and watch the waves come in. No talking. Well, sometimes it is good to get out of your own head a little. The people in my spots usually make me do that. Whether it is a someone holding off going for a wave because I am in the better takeoff area, comments made for nice rides, or just a smile, it completes my day. By the time I leave, I feel like I have fallen in love with myself all over again. It is truly magical.