Clamming in the AM

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Our Wottermen team went out clamming last weekend for some good ‘ol Pismo clams. They woke up at 4 am to get out to Coronado Island for the low tide.

We brought bikes to go from one spot to the next quickly if we were in a dud spot. We also brought a long fork-type rake, like the kind for baling hay, to poke the sand feeling around for a hard object down below. The tide was very strong and our little grom waterman was almost swept away but, he fought the current with only clams on his mind.

It was a good idea that someone brought a big army duffle bag to store the clams. Just don’t forget to take them ALL out! We accidentally left one in there and didn’t notice for a week.

We went from spot to spot and the kids had a great time. They got 30 clams total….10 is the limit for each person.

When they returned home, they had to take them out of the water and wait for them to open their mouth a bit and then jammed a knife in them to cut them open. Don’t forget to keep the juice for clam chowder. Take all the meat out and chop it up. It can be frozen or cooked right away. We made clam Oreganato which was a red sauce with lots of Italian spices, wine, whole peeled tomatoes from a can (I like San Marzano or Pom)garlic and olive oil. Simmer for a bit then add clams to cook for at least 30 minutes. Served over rice or pasta. We put it on top of black forbidden rice with bread.

If you can, do it on the beach so you can leave a few shells behind.

If you decide to take a clamming trip, make sure your plan it so you are searching for the clams during low tide. The best places to go in San Diego is the Strand State Park, any of the beaches in Coronado, or Imperial Beach.

Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather, because you will be getting wet! And of course don’t forget your Surf-fur.

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We washed it all down with some ice cream from the neighborhood truck. Roxy usually flags down the truck for us until we can get there. We have her trained real well!

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