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Hawaiian Travels - Big Island Adventure

Not Your Average Executive Meeting.

Author Yolonda Boston-Creigh Published: July/25/2021


As it has been for many of us, the pandemic is one memory we want to put behind us. I am definitely one who has had many uphill battles and my share of losses. However, there have been some bright moments of hope and peace in the last 18+ months...with the best one so far going to Hawaii, Holualoa to be exact.

When Cindy, our CEO and designer at Sur-fur, suggested I come to Hawaii for some waterfall meditations, I figured there would be no better way to wash my memories of the past year's pain. In the past, I never considered a trip to Hawaii even possible due to the high costs of getting and staying there! I was always of the mind that there is no way I can afford that luxury, but the universe has a way of working out what is most needed in life.


Alas, the stars aligned, my plans were made, and I was on a flight in April. From the first moment I stepped on the island, I knew I was in love.

This was a working holiday. Work in the morning and play in the afternoon.

My Co-Workers

We had corporate items to discuss during my stay, so I was prepared to work while getting in some playtime. What I did not expect was the ho’okipa I was about to experience.  

Ho’okipa in Hawaiian means “hospitality”. “Ho’okipa is a feeling, a sense of Hawaiian hospitality and even a way of life. The goal of ho’okipa is for the guest to know that they are important, that they matter, and that they are a welcome addition to the host’s lives, not a burden or a task.”


This is not only true of the company culture we try to create, but something I experienced from the beginning to end of my stay. Cindy, Zenon, the boys as well as all the locals made sure I felt welcomed.

When I arrived at the Ohana, or guest house, I was greeted with a traditional lei kukui.

“Kukui were the first prayer beads for the Hawaiian people and are still used today. Kukui Leis become more beautiful over time when held in prayer and can be filled with your own Mana (spiritual energy).”


The fridge was stocked with wholesome food and drink, (if Kona Brewing Co beer counts). It felt like I had already been there. On the counter was a lovey locally-made mermaid coffee mug for me. It was the perfect welcome, a perfect way to express ho’okipa.

Adventure Highlights

Aloha can be a welcome, farewell or an expression of love and affection. For me, Aloha is a way of life. I know this will be the beginning of many Hawaiian adventures. I did not get to take that promised waterfall hike, but there will be time for that in the future. Who knows, someday I might book a one-way flight!


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  • 😍 🏝 dreams
    One of my favorite places on earth
    Hawaii 🌺
    Thank your for sharing. Great read .

    Shannon Moran
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