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Seavibes Yoga Waterparka January 23, 2017 01:43

If you haven’t already heard, Surf-fur has a new product out this month that is a collaboration with a local yoga brand, Seavibes! All the design elements have the yoga/water women in mind. The extra stretchy 4 way fleece allows unencumbered paddling, stretches, sun salutations and savasanas in the 4-way stretch fleece. It goes where you go. And the cinch-able waist allows for a more custom size for curvy or athletic builds.

Features Include:




4 way stretch fleece

Extra large hood

Hidden changing pockets,

Smart phone device/tech pocket.

Cinched in the waist,

Snap front closure.

The Seavibes brand is centered around a young and well-known Yogi, Jaysea DeVoe. At the age of 12, she completed her yoga teacher training course and became the youngest certified yoga instructor in the United States. Not stopping there, she went on to get her certification as a Stand Up Paddle board Yoga instructor which made her the youngest in the world! Jaysea, now age 15, teaches weekly in her home town of Encinitas, California. She is inspired by the Sea and themes her classes around it. Jaysea has taught Yoga classes as far away as Toronto, Canada and Hawaii. Now, she is an entrepreneur starting her own youthful women’s Yoga/Surf brand called Seavibes and hand-makes beautiful jewelry all inspired by the Sea. Check out the whole line of Ocean inspired yoga wear.

@seavibesyoga or http://www.seavibesyoga.com!

The Best Changing Robe/ Parka May 19, 2016 09:37

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The Many Uses Of Surf-fur January 28, 2016 14:16

We get a lot of our awesome Wottermen sending us photos in places all over the world doing their thing in Surf-furs. We live for these photos! This post is dedicated to those Watermen who BRAVE THE ELEMENTS and remain calm and awesome in any type of weather and any temperature of water. Keep living…

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Highlights From The Winner Of The Pacific Coast Championship November 05, 2015 10:35

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