Dry Bag 30 Liter

Dry Bag 30 Liter

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$ 29.99

This versatile and light weight backpack offers up protections for those things you don’t want to get wet or sandy. And it’s the perfect size to hold your Surf-fur gear when not in use!


  • 500D tarpaulin PVC coated bag with fully taped seams
  • Dual adjustable shoulder straps so you can attach to your boat, your back or to your dive buddy
  • Dry sealing roll top with clip
  • Removable straps
  • Durable, reliable, waterproof protection
  • Round bottom creates a stable shape to help pack, stack and store

Technical Specs:

Capacity: 30L

Dimensions: 11 inches x 25 inches

Backpack straps: yes

Waterproof: yes

Breathable: no*

Weight: 2 lbs

Material: PVC

*This is one of the few products we make that is not breathable. So, don’t put your emotional support pet hamster in here while you are diving/surfing/paddling.