All of our gear is made with our proprietary fleece that we call our secret sauce...two layers of polyester fleece bonded together by a membrane to make it one layer of warmth and protection.  

We could tell you how awesome we are, but we decided to let our customers do the that for us...


Justin H.

"I can surf a freezing winter session, get out of the water with frozen hands and toes, toss on the Waterparka and drive home to a hot shower in my suit without ruining my truck's seats. Or, get out when the peak I'm surfing is ruined by the tide to drive somewhere else while still suited up...Plus, the fleece itself seems to shed water and odors, so it hasn't become funky either. If wearing a robe around the house is luxurious, wearing one at the beach is even better!"


Richie B.

"The best thing I ever discovered is my Surf-fur Parka! You can be the best guy in the spot, then all of a sudden you are freezing and can’t get into the zone. I throw it over my wetsuit, warm up, then just get right back in. I do that all day and can stay in the water 5 hours or more. I don’t leave home without it."

Outrigger Paddler

David M.

"High quality, functional garment. Very nice to wear on the colder days before and after paddling. I wear mine until the moment I’m ready to launch my boat. My muscles are warmer at the start. Sure makes a winter paddle more comfortable and enjoyable. Afterwards it is great to wear, I be warm even if it’s windy."


Kelly S.

"Love the coat! As Florida residents, we get cold easily when out on the water. The coats were recommended to us by a scuba boat captain. They do keep us toasty warm!"


Cathleen E.

"I bought this very well made Parka to keep me warm to and from pool deck when I swim laps. I am 74 and have turned into the tin man because I have so much arthritis and the cold wind really makes me hurt. The pool where I swim is 80 to 82...but so cold when I get out and sometimes the showers are cold! Then I just drive home to my hot shower wearing my SurfFur over my swim suit. Perfect. I wear it to the pool and when I get out to the locker room...It is amazing how quickly I get warm in this coat; it is almost immediate. Love It. The hood is great for wet hair. I just take it off and turn it inside out and hang it and it drys and is ready to go next morning."


Kellan H.

"I bought one of these waterparkas for kitesurfing in colder temps, but I'm seriously considering buying a 2nd one just to have and wear as I please. It has exceeded my expectations thoroughly. It has kept me warm and dry during high winds, cold temps and sideways rain all while remaining as comfortable as a bath robe. No more worrying about changing out of a wet wetsuit outdoors during those conditions to drive home either."


David Ma.

"The Surf Fur waterproof parka is a very well made and functional garment. During the November thru Feb season I wear my parka both to and from the water. So before paddling I’m wearing my parka taking the surf ski off the car and getting ready to launch. I’m not chilled when I start paddling. As soon as I get my boat out of the water I put on my parka. So nice to be warm and snug rather than freezing wrapped in a wet towel."


Ryder D.

“The Waterparka is great when you are getting up early and it’s freezing and foggy and you’re checking the waves. My favorite way to use it to just throw it over my wetsuit to keep me warm especially when I am on the boat looking for kelp patties. Even after a heat in a surf contest."

Video Review From A New Customer

The Original Waterparka $159

Wind + cold wetsuits only make you colder. Stop the wind instantly and start to re-warm.

Because nature will rain on your parade now and then

So you don't     "sous vide" your body while you are putting gear away


This is the essential piece of gear for any waterman's gear bag. It warms your core, blocks that brutal wind, gives you a place to change under, protects carseats, breathes so you don't overheat, has a built-in neck warmer to turbo charge the warming process, sleeve tighteners for your "active time" fileting fish, putting the boat away, waxing the board, and it even allows you to be completely naked under there if you need to take off that suit. Once you put it on, you will search for excuses to NOT take it off.  

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5 STAR reviews


SurfCheck Hoodie $109

soft fleece inside and out

fully Taped seams

snug fit


This isn't like any other hoodie you have ever owned. It has super soft fleece everywhere, even the arms, and it keeps you so warm that you may have to forgo the usual beenie. Tough as nails and can be used for any situation, the SurfCheck will go with you to all corners of the Earth to keep you protected and warm.

Invest in Yourself. Invest in your freedom.

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