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Customer Reviews

-Wet Leprechaun Dive Services, Lake Tahoe

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Surf-fur! My husband and I own a dive service company and are in the water sometimes up to 2.5 hours at a time. We depend on good thermal protection both in the water and out. As the days get cooler and the water temps drop, we use our parkas to warm us up between and after our dives. THANK YOU!!!!”

- Justin Houseman, Surfer Magazine

"I can surf a freezing winter session, get out of the water with frozen hands and toes, toss on the Waterparka and drive home to a hot shower in my suit without ruining my truck's seats. Or, get out when the peak I'm surfing is ruined by the tide to drive somewhere else while still suited up...Plus, the fleece itself seems to shed water and odors, so it hasn't become funky either. If wearing a robe around the house is luxurious, wearing one at the beach is even better!"

- Richie Balta, (Extreme) Spearfisherman

“The best thing I ever discovered is my Surf-fur Parka! You can be the best guy in the spot, then all of a sudden you are freezing and can’t get into the zone. I throw it over my wetsuit, warm up, then just get right back in. I do that all day and can stay in the water 5 hours or more. I don’t leave home without it.”

- Ryder DeVoe, Spearfisherman/Surfer

“The hoodie is great when you are getting up early and it’s freezing and foggy and you’re checking the waves. My favorite way to use it to just throw it over my wetsuit to keep me warm especially when I am on the boat looking for kelp patties. Even after a heat in a surf contest."