Frequently Asked Questions – Surf-fur

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are the WaterParka and SurfCheck supposed to fit?

A: The Waterparka is cut generously around your hips so that it is easy to change under. Do not go up a size just because you are planning to change under it. This is what is was made to do and the cut is designed to be generous. It is supposed to go over wetsuits of all mm thicknesses. The SurfCheck is more fitted and was designed to be much more snug and land extra warmth layer between you and the waterparka. The fit around the hips is more snug which often makes it too tight for those women with major curves. Go up a size if you are lucky enough to be extra curvy. (more style details below)

Q: What if my item doesn’t fit?

A: Email us at

Q: If I asked the designer what size I was in the WaterParka, what would she say?

A: Sizes are unisex so…

For guys: I would say to go with your normal t-shirt size or wetsuit size.

For girls, go down a size from your normal t-shirt or dress size.

The simplest answers often are the correct ones. I have spent 45 minutes on the phone with people to figure out the size and almost always go back to my original suggested size.

Q: Where do I return for exchange or refund?

A: Email us at

Q: What is the difference between a Waterparka and the SurfCheck hoodie?

A: Both styles are made with the same windproof, waterproof, breathable one layer bonded fleece. The Waterparka is the long parka that is an essential piece of gear to go with all your watersports. It is used to keep warm, block wind, change under, and wrap your wet gear inside when the day is done.

The SurfCheck hoodie goes just past your hips and was designed to be an extra warmth layer between you and your Waterparka so it is FITTED and not loose. We guarantee it will replace any other zip up hoodie you own because it is just so warm and comfortable. Wouldn’t recommend changing under it.

Q What is a Waterparka?
A: A Waterparka is made only by Surf-fur. It is a unique, multifunctional coat designed for surfers, divers, swimmers, and any water sportsmen. The soft coat is made of lightweight polyester fleece with a special inner membrane allowing it to be completely wind-proof, water-proof, and breathable.

Q: What are the special features that set the Surf-fur Waterparka apart from other dive parkas, swim parkas and boat coats? 
A: The Waterparka, Surf-fur's original swim parka featuring a design that is uniquely ours, is made of specially engineered fabric just for our designs. The cool-looking, reversible, hooded boat coat is completely wind and waterproof. The garment’s long, generous cut allows people to change in and out of their wetsuits and other apparel comfortably and in privacy. The coat has “Zen” changing pockets which allow the wearer to reach through and pull down suits or pull up pants. The Surf-fur is machine washable, and has stainless steel reversible snaps.

Q: Is the Water Parka machine washable? 
A: Yes, but wash in cold cold water, no detergent, in the express cycle and hang dry.  Do not use fabric softener. Do not use detergents with oils. Better yet, don't use detergent at all. Just rinse with a hose and hang dry. Washing incorrectly will delaminate the fabrics and void the warranty. Basically, don't wash it unless it really is dirty. Fish guts, yes! Wash it! Sand? Shake it off and maybe hose down. The less you wash, the longer it will last.

Q: What soap do you suggest I use to clean all my Surf-fur gear with if it's really dirty/smelly?

A. We suggest OXYCLEAN and also, oh yeah, OXYCLEAN. That is the only one we ever suggest. One of the active ingredients in OxiClean is sodium percarbonate (Na2CO3•H2O2), an adduct of sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). This breaks down into hydrogen peroxide when dissolved in water. These ingredients break down safely in the environment and leave no toxic byproducts. So, it's a good choice. Oxyclean. 

Q: Am I going to sweat in any of Surf-fur's fleece products?
A: The membrane has small holes that allow vapors to go through, but not large droplets or wind. Therefore, your sweat escapes through the fabric. It’s almost like magic!

If you want to test our theory, place the fabric over a cup of boiling water and wait a minute. You will see the vapors come through the fabric.

Q: Who does Surf-fur specifically design for? 
A: It started out that we wanted to design a warming coat to wear before and after surfing. That evolved into a warming/changing/protecting from wind/keeping water off the car seat/too f@#king cold to change at the beach next to my car-garment. Over the years, we evolved even more into an essential piece of gear for SCUBA divers, freedivers, Surfers, Kayakers, Outriggers, Kiteboarders, and open water swimming. Then we got really crazy and added a hoodie that outshines any other hoodie you can find anywhere.

Check out our post The Many Faces Of Surf-fur. You'll get the idea.

Q: How is the Waterparka utilized? 
A: The Waterparka is an all-around protective utility garment that offers comfort, warmth and safety. Because the body loses heat 10 times faster in water than in air of the same temperature, prolonged periods in the water may produce long, slow cooling and undetected hypothermia, even in tropical water. PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) suggests that water sportsmen, especially divers, use protective garments to heat up before, in between, and after dives to insure that the body heat has been restored. Besides keeping warm and dry, the Waterparka can be used for changing, wrapping and storing wetsuits in the car, and wearing over a wetsuit to keep the car seats dry.

click here to see the Waterparka in action Palau!

Q: Is it necessary to wear the Waterparka in warmer areas? 

A: (The video above was taken in Palau during a warm day on a windy boat ride. We heard she was the only one warm.) Because water has a specific heat approximately 1000 times greater than that of air, and a thermal conductivity 24 times greater than that of air, the body loses heat much faster in water than in air of the same temperature.

Using a diver as an example; repeated dives over several days may produce long slow cooling and undetected hypothermia even in tropical water. At the end of a dive, PADI suggests a cold diver should overdo the re-warming until sweating occurs, which indicates that body heat has been restored. This is when the Waterparka would become a diver’s best friend. The diver could put it on immediately following a dive, change under it, reverse it then continue to wear the coat until they were completely re-warmed.

Q: How do I figure out my size for Surf-fur products? (Detailed)
A: Whatever size you normally take in a wetsuit (or t-shirt) would be your size. All of our products are true to size. Here is a style breakdown:

Waterparkas: Go with wetsuit size. It is cut to go over other garments and give you room to change under. If you like things a little more “roomy”, go a size up (especially if you plan on wearing a dry suit and/or dive gear under it.) If you are an outrigger or swimmer, wearing less clothing during your sport, go down a size. You can also check out our sizing chart on our website.

SurfCheck Hoodie: Go with your t-shirt size. If you are inbetween sizes, go a size up only because this hoodie is designed to be snug to keep the heat in and the wind out. It is not as wide as the Waterparka.

Q: Can I embroider or screen print on Surf-fur products?
A: The Waterparka is embroideryable (is that a word?). However, when reversed, the embroidery will be noticeable from the other side. We suggest using a team patch or embroidering fabric and sewing it on the coat. Screen printing is an option and so is embroidery (which will make it non reversible) and patches are a good idea. If you are applying a iron on patch, please be careful to use a thick cotton cloth as a barrier between the iron and the fleece as the iron will melt the fleece. It is best to put the patch upside down on the hot iron and let it warm up then attach it to the garment. Put the cotton fabric over all then continue to iron it on medium to get it fully stuck. We have special instructions for screen printing on our fleeces, so please get in touch with us at

The hoodie is embroider-able since it is not reversible.