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Ryder DeVoe

Surf Parka Wotterman | Surf-fur 

Ryder DeVoe, 16, Encinitas, CA

Ryder has been a waterman since the age of 8 months when he caught his first wave riding tandem with his dad. Since then, he tries out any sport that has to do with the ocean. He believes that getting under the water is just as important as riding the waves above.
He is now comfortable knowing that the cold won't stop him from doing great things. Ryder, #WhatWillYouDoInYourSurffur? "My goals for surfing this year are to ride bigger barrels in Mexico and work on my air-game. As a spearfishermen, my goal is to shoot a yellowfin tuna in California waters and as a boater, I would like to do multiple trips out to the Channel Islands to find those epic empty waves and hunt white sea bass all around the islands." His surf parka will be put to good use: "I will be spending most of my Summer living on my boat as close to water as possible so the Surf-fur will be an essential piece of my gear bag."