Do you find yourself making excuses not to go out in the water because it is too cold?

Do you dread your second or third dive/session because you didn’t fully warm up after the last one?

Do you struggle to get out of your wet gear?


Get warm before & in-between & after

Change under easily

Protect your carseats from getting wet

Great Reviews From Great Publications

"It’s a Five Star product. It’s a Top 100 Reviewer. Product. It’s an A++ product Would Buy Again. It’s a Take My Money product."


"This windproof, waterproof, fleece parka is a must have for any cold water surfer."


"Wow, it was a different parka when it came out. My 14 year old daughter immediately confiscated it, wrapped herself with it, and snuggled up on the sofa with a book."


“For the rest of the trip, I found my Surf-fur boat coat to be an asset, even in these hot tropical surroundings”


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Iron Clad Guarantee

“We promise that after the first week of wearing our products, you will find them to be essential pieces of gear in your gear bag. You will wear them in places you didn’t even think about and wonder how you ever got along without one in the past. If any of these things do not happen for you, return it and we will refund your money without questions.”

We are watermen, building warming gear for watermen. Everything we sell has been tested by a special tribe of testers that get out there and tell us what is needed and what’s not. We find where we can improve and listen to what is still needed.