How to Use the Surf Fur Waterproof Parka, Boat Coat and Dive Parka.

Product Diversity

  • The Surf-fur™ is designed to be worn before going out into the water to really get your body temperature up before entering the frigid ocean water.
  • Put it on you Boat Coat, Swim Parka or Dive Parka immediately after being in the water to start the heating process.
  • Protect body from the wind and harsh elements at the beach.
  • Stay warm and comfortable in the lightweight coat.
  • Heat up between surf sessions and go back out into the water again! Back to back surf sessions!
  • Wear the Surf-fur™ Dive Parka, Swim Parka and Boat Coat in between dives to re-heat the body to safe temperatures before going back down for the second dive.
  • Wrap the body in the Surf-fur™, snap it up, and change under it. Drop the towel!
  • Use the Zen Changing Pockets™ to put hands through to the interior of the coat to take off the wetsuit. No more flashing incidents at the beach!
  • When it’s really cold out, wrap the Surf-fur™ around the body with the wet wetsuit still on, jump in the car and drive home to a hot shower. Water resistant fabric keep car seats protected.
  • Pack it with dive gear, or put more cushion in the board bag…protect your gear during travel.
  • Protect the body from dangers of hypothermia by wearing the Surf-fur™ for protection.