SurfCheck Hoodie in BLACK – Surf-fur

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SurfCheck Hoodie in BLACK

This is the warmest and the only breathable waterproof hoodie you will find on the market!


The hoodie is made with our proprietary three layer fabric making it wind/water proof and breathable. It's made to stay snug and protect like your most loyal family pet.

$ 139.00
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Key Features




Taped Seams

Extra brushed soft fleece throughout garment

Quick Dry

Machine Washable

Material & Sustainability

  • Reduces petroleum dependence and minimizes water and air pollution compared to virgin polyester.
  • Contributes to reducing landfill waste with proper care.
  • All products made with 100% recycled polar fleece.
  • Reduces reliance on petroleum and decreases water and air pollution.
  • Minimize landfill waste by taking good care of your garment.

the fit:

  • It should not be too big around the hips or the cold will get in
  • This item is sized to be roomy already so DON'T go up a size if you like it big
  • This is a stretch material and will stretch out from the hips when you move around inside

the fabric:

  • This is a one way stretch recycled polyester fleece. It's made of recycled plastics therefore, smells and stains will not stay on it permanently
  • It is a bonded fleece so care is needed when washing it 

the care:

  • Do not use fabric softener or any laundry soap with oils in it or any detergent at all. The fabric's lamination will begin to break down as soon as you use detergent even once. Clean with Oxyclean only when a hose or a machine rinse won't do.
  • Wash in cold water, in a sink or tub or in your machine's express cycle
  • Hang dry in a shaded spot
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry in the sun. It will fade

the materials:

  • Made from 100% polyester fleece

Please use the detailed chart above it to measure your body to the actual measurements of the garment.  Exchanges can only be done with unworn items having tags still in place and requires a Customer to pay shipping.

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Put our parka to the test!

100+ Verified Reviews

the ultimate warmth and 
protection for water sports 

Keep the cold at bay and maximize your time on the water 

100+ Verified Reviews

the ultimate warmth and 
protection for water sports 

Keep the cold at bay and maximize your time on the water 

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all weather warmth

Our 100% recycled polyester materials and fleece lining will keep you warm even when soaking wet, ensuring that you can stay active in any condition.


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Perfect for rainy days or splashy boat rides, our gear protects you from getting soaked and keeps your belongings safe and dry.


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Stay warm, dry, and protected with the Surf-fur Original Waterparka. Made from 100% recycled polyester and featuring a cozy fleece lining, it keeps you comfortable even when wet. Its windproof design blocks gusts for optimal performance, while its waterproof construction keeps you dry in any weather. With quick-drying fleece material, it repels water and ensures you stay cozy. Easy to care for with odor and stain resistance, it's a durable investment for water sports enthusiasts.

100+ glowing reviews

100+ Verified Reviews

stay warm and protected in any weather with the surf-fur original waterparka

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