The Original Waterparka
The Original Waterparka
The Original Waterparka
The Original Waterparka
The Original Waterparka
The Original Waterparka
The Original Waterparka

The Original Waterparka

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A Changing Robe for All Weather

Designed by Watermen in California | Warming People Everywhere since 2007

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Nail this season's waterman goals with this multi-functional waterproof swim / dive/ surf parka! Having a water- and wind-tight barrier between you and Mother Nature is the secret to a perfect day. The lightweight and non-bulky fabric pairs perfectly with our 'essentials only' design to offer up the most durable protection in any type of weather.

The Surf-fur Original Waterparka is an extra-long dive parka, swim parka and changing robe that creates privacy while getting out of wet stuff in the parking lot or on the beach. Our flagship windproof and waterproof parka is great for shielding you from wind gusts while on a boat, wrapping around your core to pre-warm before jumping in, or just throwing it over all your wet gear to protect your car seat. It's also the perfect addition to your Vanlife experience!

When you are chasing waves, fish or goals, don't use up precious time and intensity changing out of your wet stuff OR shivering from the cold. Just wrap your raw and drained body in our signature wind and waterproof fleece and instantly rewarm in peace. Restore your core temperature and get back out there fully stoked! 


  • Windproof-waterproof-breathable swim / dive parka
  • Hidden slit "Zen" pockets to easily access interior for quick changes
  • Extra-long to protect past your knees
  • Built-in neck warmer for added warmth and to keep wind and water sprays out
  • Adjustable 3-panel hood for a perfect fit
  • Front corrosion-proof stainless steel reversible snaps
  • Polar fleece lined arms and hood
  • Machine washable
  • Inner velcro phone and key pocket
  • Longer back hem to "bend over with confidence" while changing
  • Garment is reversible to put the dry side in and the wet side out post-change
  • Quick Dry


Never end the day early due to being cold ever again! Guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable even when wet!

Customers love this waterproof parka!

"Surface intervals SUCK in the wind on a boat when you are wet. Not with the Surf-fur around" SCUBA Diver 

"Surf-fur is the only thing keeping me warm enough to get back to the water this season" Spearfisherman/ surfer/ photographer

"Don't leave shore without it" Boater/spearfisherman

"Gamechanger" Scientist and Shark Advocate

"It's great right on your skin after shedding the wetsuit" - wakeboarder & Surfer

"Complete and total game-changer for my's like a snuggie for my life...excellent warmth and wind and rain protection" - Olympic Competitive Paddler

"This is a 'take my money' product. It's a new and essential part of my open water winter swimming gear"  - The Lone Swimmer (We mentioned him by name only because he hates everything. But not our Waterparka!)


Whether you are diving in the tropics, surfing at Mavericks, or taking the boat out for a sunset cruise, the Waterparka is designed to protect you from the harsh elements yet still "breathes" so you won't overheat.

FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA. Hawaii and Alaska add $30. Exchanges within 30 days of purchase on unused and clean items. Full refund on purchase price for all returns.  If for any reason you are not satisfied Surf-fur will refund the purchase price of the entire order.


100% Recycled Polyester bonded fleece (PTFU) where the wind and waterproof layer is inside two layers of fleece making it a one layer fabric. It is a 2-way stretch high-quality material...our secret sauce.

Fit Guide

For most men, go with your normal t-shirt or wetsuit size. This garment is designed to go over a wetsuit and give you some "space" so going up a size is not necessary if you are planning to change under it or wearing over a thick suit. Women should go down a size or two. Call us if you need help with the sizing. We love a good challenge!

Fun fact: Water sucks the heat from your body 12X faster than air. PADI suggests reheating your body after every session until sweating occurs bringing your body back to its' normal temperature. This will fend off hypothermia and keep you warm and happy all day.


All of our products are made with a 100% recycled polar fleece. Recycled polyester reduces our dependence on petroleum, cuts out more water and air pollution produced when creating virgin polyester fleece. It also reduces landfill waste, maybe completely if you take really good care of your garment.

5 Warming Techniques Holding You back (click to see if you are holding back)

FAQs for Care: 

Q: Is the Waterparka machine washable? 
A: Yes, but wash in cold cold water, no detergent, in the express cycle and hang dry.  Do not use fabric softener. Do not use detergents with oils. Better yet, don't use detergent at all. Just rinse with a hose and hang dry. Washing incorrectly will delaminate the fabrics and void the warranty. Basically, don't wash it unless it really is dirty. Fish guts, yes! Wash it! Sand? Shake it off and maybe hose down. The less you wash, the longer it will last.

Q: What soap do you suggest I use to clean all my Surf-fur gear with if it's really dirty/smelly?
A. We suggest OXYCLEAN and also, oh yeah, OXYCLEAN. That is the only one we ever suggest. One Tablespoon of powder is enough. One of the active ingredients in OxiClean is sodium percarbonate (Na2CO3•H2O2), an adduct of sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). This breaks down into hydrogen peroxide when dissolved in water. These ingredients break down safely in the environment and leave no toxic byproducts. So, it's a good choice. Oxyclean.