The El Niño Package – Surf-fur
The  El Niño Package

The El Niño Package

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The total warming up formula for this Season and beyond - and SAVE $39

If you are a true waterman, this package is for you!

Your time is a non-renewable resource. Why take chances on not being ready to take on weather challenges during your next adventure?

Surf-fur's wind and waterproof fabric is specifically engineered to keep you warm, dry, and sheltered from the cold. This package includes everything you'll need to keep you comfortable on the water this season.  Wear the SurfCheck Hoodie under Waterparka for ultimate warmth and protection from the elements (we call this the double-bundle).

One of our favorite watermen- who is almost never off the water -had this to say about our product, "Having my Surf-fur Waterparka changed the game for me...I throw it over my wetsuit, warm-up, then go right back in and just keep on doing that all day. I can now stay on the water for 5 hours or more. It's essential for me. I really don't leave home with out it. And the hoodie is for all the time in between." 

You know you are going to buy the hoodie eventually anyway....

And just to add some more benefits to the whole warming experience, all of our products are;

- machine washable, cold wash and hang dry

- won't absorb smells permanently

- wind/proof, water/proof breathable and reversible 

- Quick drying

- soft fuzzy fleece inside and out

- wearing one feels as good as eating one of Grandma's homemade pies, still warm from the oven


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