Terminology | Surf-fur | Waterproof Parka Products


Fleece: Used in all of our Waterproof Parka Products

Inner Pocket : Inner Velcro pocket is to stash valuables while you are playing. Velcro fully closes.

ZEN Pocket: Through pockets that allow you to snap up your Surf-fur and change under with the ability to put your hands through to the inside of the garment to pull down wet things and pull up dry things. 

Flat Lock Seam : All seams on your Surf-fur have these fancy flat ones so that it is completely reversible. After getting your Surf-fur wet on the inside, reverse it to put the dry side in to continue the warming process.

Neck Warmer: Extra collar on the inside snaps up nice and cozy for extra warmth.

“BOWC” Hem: This stands for “Bend Over With Confidence!” If you look at the bottom hem on the Water Parka, you will notice that it comes down a few inches longer in the back. This was done so that you will be able to bend down while changing and not have to worry about overexposure…a very dangerous and precarious incident that often occurs on the beach.

Pull Tab: Attached to the hood to cinch up.

Reversible Snaps: We use only premium quality reversible snaps on your Surf-fur that don’t rust.

Bonded fleece or PTFE Membrane : Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The PTFE is a type of thin plastic material that allows vapors to go through, but not wind or droplets of water. Adding the membrane in between the two layers of fleece allows

Windproof : Wind is not able to get through. Seriously. Our Boat Coat, Swim Parka and Dive Parka will keep you warm.

Water proof: Water droplets are not able to get through the fabric. Even more serious. Our Boat Coat, Swim Parka and Dive Parka will keep you dry.

Breathable: When your body heats up, the water vapors from your body (a.k.a. sweat) is able to go through the PTFE membrane (see definition above) so you stay comfortable under the Boat Coat, Swim Parka and Dive Parka and do not overheat. The Surf-fur Water Parka allows you to re-heat your body to a comfortable temperature without OVER heating. There is nothing worse than an overheated diver on a small dive boat.

Reversibility: When one side of the coat gets wet from changing or warming, the design of the Water Parka allows the wearer to take off the coat, turn it inside out, and put it back on again to continue the warming process. The flat, high-performance stitching allows for complete reversibility!

Roomy Fit: The Water Parka is designed to be worn while changing into or out of your wetsuit. This means that we have added some extra inches in the body area so arms can fit in and move around to easily remove wet things. This does NOT mean that it hangs on you like a tent! The fabric has some vertical stretch to make it easy to move around yet still hangs closely to your body.

Water Wicking: Our fleece is 100% polyester so it will not absorb water. Due to the woven properties of fleece, water will get trapped into the fibers and it will appear as if it is absorbing. It is actually wicking (pronounced “WICK-ing”)the water away from the body and trapping it inside the fibers. Polyester fleece will dry ten times quicker than cotton. This means that the Water Parka will hang dry on the boat (or beach or over the balcony) very quickly and you will be able to put it on and warm up shortly after your first dive.

365 gms: This is the weight of the fleece per square meter. Our fleece is a mid-weight fabric as far as warmth is concerned. It is a very light fabric as far as packing into your gear bag is concerned!

Moulded hood: We designed our hood to stay close to the head even in gusting winds. However, there is still room for a nice knit cap to keep your head extra warm.

Comfort: A freedom from pain. We feel it is extremely important to stay warm in between dives and or sessions in the water. This allows for freedom of enjoyment. It is also very important to re-heat your body back to safe temperatures after extended periods in cold water or water that is below your core body temperature. If proper re-heating does not occur (heat body until sweating occurs), a slow cooling of your body will occur and hypothermia will set in. Always re-heat!

Maintenance: Keeping up the same state of cleanliness, size, physical integrity, color and functionality as when purchased. Hang it neatly. Don’t leave it in the sun for long periods, on your patio when you leave for a two week trip to Tahaiti, under your truck, or in your friend’s Jacuzzi. Wash frequently in cold water to get rid of salt and smells. Do not use fabric softener as it may affect the bonding of the two fleece fabrics. Hang to dry or low heat in dryer.