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Our foul weather gear is the only protective shell you’ll need to keep you warm on a chilly, damp day out on the water. Say goodbye to wearing several heavy layers and packing a dozen more. Our original, lightweight design will protect you from rain, ocean spray, cold weather, and anything else Mother Nature throws your way. From working on the boat deck to hunting in sub-zero temperatures to watching your kids’ sports games, Surf-Fur foul weather gear will keep you warm & dry!

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Offshore Foul Weather Gear for Sailors, Fishermen, and Watermen

Windproof, Waterproof, and Breathable

The lightweight rain jacket and pants are made with our 3-layer premium fabric combination. The outer fabric is a technical PVC shell bonded with a bomb-proof membrane. It’s lined with 3 oz. of soft, recycled polyester fleece that will keep you warm in the cold, wet weather. The gear is completely windproof, waterproof, and breathable. Every seam is flatlock stitched to prevent chafing and heat-sealed with waterproof tape.

Hooded Foul Weather Jacket

Let's start up top – the foul weather jacket designed for total rain protection. The front opening features a water-tight zipper to block ocean spray and icy winds from dropping your internal temperature. The hood is custom molded to fit your head and is designed with a built-in rain guard to keep you dry in heavy downpours. And when the sun finally shines, there’s an adjustable tab on the back to release the hood.

Most rain jackets limit your range of motion, but not the Surf-Fur Foul Weather Jacket. The Raglan-cut sleeves provide more space in the chest & shoulder areas while the adjustable velcro wrist closures can be tightened around gloves to lock out moisture. When you’re not wrangling a fishing line or tacking into the wind, your hands can stay warm in the two front pockets. With a zipper closure and fleece-lined for extra warmth, there’s no better place to warm up your fingers & hands. And if you have a chance to sit down amidst the chaos, the back hem of the jacket drops below the waistline to protect your bum from a wet bench. 

Heavy-Duty Pants

Whether you want an extra layer of warmth over your wetsuit on the way to a winter surf session or you need a waterproof shell to trudge through deep snow, the Foul Weather Pants are made for every type of watermen in every type of foul weather. After extensive testing & feedback from watermen in every climate, we added weather-resistant features like an adjustable, non-chafing waistband, reinforced knee pads, lower leg zippers to accommodate your boot size, and fleece-lined front pockets with drain holes for frozen hands. We also added D-rings to attach hooks, keys, and other essentials directly to you and lined every flat seam with waterproof tape. And don’t forget that these are breathable. We challenge you to find a better pair of watermen pants anywhere. 

Keeping the Coldest, Wettest Watermen Warm

About Surf-Fur Gear

Five years ago, we decided to make the best foul weather rain gear that the world has ever worn. After working with 30+ watermen, from surfers to spearfishermen, from the tropics to the arctic, we finally launched the Surf-fur Foul Weather Gear. We tested the rain jacket on boats, in the tropics, under waterfalls, on the ski slopes, and even at the horse stables! It’s the best lightweight rain jacket you will find anywhere. And the pants, well, let’s just say they are a dream come true. 

Say Goodbye to Hypothermia

Whether you're in cold or warm water environments, hypothermia is a condition that every waterman should be aware of. The body cools down ten times faster in water than in air of the same temperature. So, just because the water is warm, it doesn’t mean that you’re completely safe from the dangers of long, slow cooling. Maintain your core body heat and warm up before, in between, and after dives & swims as much as you can. This is where your Surf-fur cold weather gear saves the day. Put it on over your wet gear and keep warming until you start to sweat – yes, seriously. Say goodbye to hypothermia forever and hello to accident-free adventures.