About Us | Waterproof Parkas for Wottermen | Surf-fur

About Us | Waterproof Parkas for Wottermen | Surf-fur

About us: Waterproof Parkas for Wottermen  About us

"When it comes to keeping the coldest, wettest watermen warm,
we don’t f**k around. We are serious about what we do."

We make super rugged fleece warming waterproof parkas for all kinds of aquatic sportsmen that are windproof and breathable. Our swim parkas, boat coats, and changing robes are the most functional and hardcore piece of gear you will find anywhere. We can say this with the utmost confidence because people tell us this all the time; we have saved people from hypothermia, from embarrassing towel droppings, from the wind, the cold, wet sprays from boats and even from freezing after a tropical dive. Surf-fur waterproof parka products will keep you warm.

CEO and President of Surf-fur

Who are we? Wottermen in Water Parkas

CEO and President of Surf-fur!
Yup, that's us right here — a couple of water rats.

The Problem: How to Stay Warm on the Water

We were cold. And everything was wet and sandy in our van. So, we discussed our first style while out in the water surfing. We felt there was a need for warming products that were made just with the waterman in mind (a.k.a can get beat-on, wet, salty and sandy and then clean up nice and easy.) We needed a waterproof parka that would keep us warm before and after being in the icy Pacific and/or something to just throw on over our wetsuits so we could jump in the car and shower off at home. We were done changing under a wet towel — it was time for a real changing robe. We were though with wet sandy car seats. We were done with the 2 hours of shivers post session. Something had to change!

Diver Surfers
The original waterparka Spearfisher

The Solution: The Warmest Waterproof Parka

We spent several years finding the perfect fabric, making proto-types and finding a factory. In 2007, we received our first shipment of Waterparkas. And they were all messed up. As it turns out, we learned a lot about what wasn’t needed and what was missing. We improved the snaps, the reversibility, the fabrics and the cut and added a few luxuries to complete our vision with the current style of our Original Waterparka... a windproof, breathable, fleeced warming waterproof parka (yes, really waterproof) for all types of watermen in any type of weather condition. Three styles and 11 years later, we are warming up our customers all over the world and helping them dominate (and laugh at) the elements while enhancing their ability to enjoy the water whatever the weather man reports.

The Promise

We guarantee that we will keep you warm from head to toe. If you purchase our SurfCheck hoodie, you will toss out all of your other zip-up hoodies because nothing else will outshine this surf hoodie! Nothing.

SurfCheck hoodie

The Secret Sauce: Breathable Windproof Fleece

We use our special fabric that was custom designed for our use. It is a three-layer, bonded, windproof, waterproof and BREATHABLE fleece that is soft and comfortable. It's fluffy on the inside, fluffy on the outside and super stealth if you are walking around swinging your arms with warmth and happiness! No nylon, just warm soft fleece inside and out. (Our slicker does have a slightly quieter polyester water resistant and water-proof outer layer.)

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