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All Weather Warmth

Our 100% recycled polyester materials and fleece lining will keep you warm even when soaking wet, ensuring that you can stay active in any condition.


Block wind and avoid hypothermia and shivers, keeping your mind and body in the present for ultimate performance.


Perfect for rainy days or splashy boat rides, our gear protects you from getting soaked and keeps your belongings safe and dry.


Stay comfortable and dry in and out of the water. Our fleece material repels water, ensuring that you will be dry and cozy in no time.

Easy Care

Our products are easy to care for with odor and stain resistance. Simply toss it in the washing machine and spend more time enjoying the water.


Our products are made to last - even if you're rough on them. With proper care, they can last for decades making them a smart choice for the long term.

100+ Glowing Reviews


Perfect for warming up and changing after open water swims in the San Francisco Bay. Five of us now own Surffur parkas and we have  sizes from my at extra small (5’7” 127lbs) to a large (6’ 1” 180lbs)

Tricia W.

Nice & Cozy

love this thing! keeps me nice and cozy during the surface interval. only problem is everyone else is always getting cold, so I'm loaning it out all the time!

Jason N.

Stood Up to Wind

After an hour in a wetsuit diving in 52 degree waters, the Surf Fur parka did its job.  It kept me warm and blocked the wind.   Great product!!

Tricia W.

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