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Customer Testimonials

We love our Surf-furs! Our Outrigger Canoe Club paddled to Anacapa Island and did “wet changes” which is jumping in the water to switch paddlers. Having the Surf-furs to put on when we climbed back onto our escort boat was heaven! Kept us warm the whole day

Stephanie Huhn, Oxford Canoe and Kayak

The best thing I ever discovered is my Surf-fur Parka! You can be the best guy in the spot, then all of a sudden you are freezing and can’t get into the zone. I throw it over my wetsuit, warm up, then just get right back in. I do that all day and can stay in the water 5 hours or more. I don’t leave home without it.

Richie Balta, (Extreme) Spearfisherman

I LOVE my Surf-fur!!! It’s also a great backup blanket in the car (especially when you drive an older piece of Poo held together with dirt and hippie bumper stickers.) Love duel purpose gear.

Margo Pellegrino

The hoodie is great when you are getting up early and it’s freezing and foggy and you’re checking the waves. My favorite way to use it to just throw it over my wetsuit to keep me warm especially when I am on the boat looking for kelp patties. Even after a heat in a surf contest.

Ryder DeVoe, surfer/spearfisherman

This is absolutely one of the warmest coats I have ever owned! When she says, ‘windproof’ she means it! And you don’t have to be a surfer or diver to wear it.

Chuck Swecker, SCUBA shop owner

Don’t forget us Extreme Athletes; Ultraman, Alaskaman, Ironman and soon to be Icelandman. Can’t tell you how amazing this product works in helping us survive these races.

Todd LaValley, Extreme Athlete

Surf-fur kept me warm at the Winter Swimming World Championships in Tallinn, Estonia!!! Happy to have it!

Ranie Pearce, Extreme Open Water Swimmer

I wore mine yesterday at the cloudy and cool Ventura Outrigger races while unrigging and loading the canoes. Needless to say, it got pretty dirty. Washed it last night on gentle cycle and hung to dry and it looks like new this morning. Great product and I expect to use it for years!

Niki’s Husband

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Surf-fur! My husband and I own a dive service company and are in the water sometimes up to 2.5 hours at a time. We depend on good thermal protection both in the water and out. As the days get cooler and the water temps drop, we use our parkas to warm us up between and after our dives. THANK YOU!!!!

Wet Leprechaun Dive Services, Lake Tahoe