Ocean Life: Meet The People Behind Surf-fur

Living the Ocean Life: Meet the Soggy, Warm-Hearted Founders of Surf-fur


Who are the people behind the Surf-fur brand?

Who are we? Just a couple of ocean-lovin' water junkies who met in the warmish waters of San Diego while surfing.

Our brand was born in Encinitas, a once small surf town in Southern California that has really grown in popularity in the past 7 years. When the line-ups started getting filled with faces that we no longer recognized and running our business kept us out of the water for days at a time, we decided to move onto our boat.

Those years spent on top of the water, completely immersed in the life of a salty dog, were the most important design and development periods of our business. Life on a boat (or in a van) really makes realize that having a lot of "stuff" just gets in the way - this does not include surfboards or spearguns. Life on the water also requires a killer cold weather jacket!

Time spent doing the things that give you peace with the people that you care about are the only things that really matter. So, we carried on with our designs with a few things in mind; cold protection, multi-functional purpose (to legitimize the space that it's taking up in the boat) quality and working with other family owned businesses to manufacture our ocean gear.

A Family Built on Cold Weather Gear

Seeing as our first shipment arrived the very same month that we became first-time parents, we see our business as a part of our family. We have grown it from something that we ran out of a janky storage unit near Ponto Beach, to what it is now...an essential piece of gear owned and loved by watermen all over the planet.


So, next time you wear some of our cold weather gear, know that there is soo much love and hope that went into the designs; hope that our customers are staying protected and living every minute of the day with full gusto while NOT thinking of being cold, because they're wearing the best swim parka around. This means that the best waves are being caught during dawn patrol, personal bests in fish and depth are being realized, camping in the wilderness is spent by the campfire singing or sitting in silence (and the warmth of your camping jacket), instead of shivering and miserable in the sleeping bag, walks to the backyard hot tub are more leisurely, post outrigger practices putting the boats away are less odious and the boat ride home after a full day of slaying turns into a warm Surf-fur nap on the deck.


Tell Us Your Ocean Life Stories!

We love to hear our customer's stories about being out there living the ocean life the way it was meant to be lived...fully and completely immersed in the experience. Because you only have so much free time (and being cold can sure dampen a good vibe.)

Send us your stories or share in the comments below!

Haven’t tried Surf-fur yet? Shop our waterproof parkas and more today, and start living the ocean life!


Love and hugs,

Cindy and Zenon, founders  

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  • I’ve actually got the El Niño package, it’s a great two piece. All I can say, is it will keep you dry. Slept on the beach in Santa Cruz with it till early morning, after a long day in the H20🤙

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