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What It's Really Like To Live On A Boat


We purchased an old wooden 55ft Grand Banks Alaskan Trawler at the beginning of 2018. The plan was simple; live aboard for two years with our kids to seek adventure and time to really focus on what’s important! We sold all of our furniture, as well as most of our belongings, at two huge garage sales. With every candle holder and surfboard sold, we kept feeling lighter and lighter. With one small storage space filled, and only what we needed aboard, we broke through the noise and lived with intention every damn day.

This was our normal early morning surf session routine... if the waves were hitting this spot just right (which it really wasn't this morning but we went anyway).



We ended up spending two and a half years living aboard: raising the kids, running the business, surfing, spearfishing, fishing, cruising, and living the life of a sea creature. It was a wild ride! Living simply and intentionally was the goal. We got rid of clutter physically and mentally. We cleared space for our water obsessions and spending time together...And running the business. It prepared us to live gracefully and quietly during the start of Covid and beyond.


We will never forget that 'epiphany' we had one day when yet another house sale fell through and another week went by that we were too busy to get into the water. We completely changed direction and bought a big ol’ wooden live aboard boat for our family to carry us through a few purposeful and beautiful years in her warm wooden womb.

The sea is salty from our tears of nostalgia when we reminisce about these days.

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