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How To Prepare For A Swim Meet or Waterpolo Match


Most people think that being indoors or covered by a damp towel is enough to keep you warm and prepared at a swim meet or waterpolo match, but this is exactly the opposite way to prepare for the race of your life! You need to stay warm, hydrated and nourished through out the whole day. We manufacture the best parka on the market designed to be worn before and after water time. It keeps muscles warmed up and prepared, keeps the body from cooling off and cramping up, and it provides a warm dry layer of fabric to sit down on cold things. Here are some tips we have jotted down to help you even more during a race.


Tips for Swimmers to stay safe and be prepared:

  1. Preparation one week before: Check your sleep habits. Make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night for a full week before the meet. This will ensure that your body is well rested.
  1. Preparation the night before: Have a bag ready with all the things that you will need for the swim meet. You should have healthy snacks that will give you energy like dried and fresh fruit, nuts and protein bars. You should also have all of your gear including two pairs of goggles, extra swimsuit, two swim caps, a towel, electrolyte water (not Gatorade), regular water, your Surf-fur Waterparka and some extra dry clothes.
black surf-fur open hands in pockets

The Surf-fur Waterparka


  1. Preparation on the day: Eat a light breakfast. Think of foods that are out of the stomach in two hours like fruits, bagels, pasta, vegetables and crackers. Also, choose foods that are natural and simple like toast with butter (a.k.a., no sugar). Eat a light breakfast if you are competing early in the morning. If you are competing all day, make sure you eat a snack about one to two hours before a race. Bananas are a great source of potassium that makes your body more resistant to fatigue.
  1. Stay warm all day: It is very important that you warm up throughout the meet. It will increase your heart rate, get the blood flowing and get the muscles ready to race. While the initial warm-up may take place and hour or two before your race, it is equally important for mentally preparing yourself to race.


Warm up; Stretches with the team done when you first arrive at the pool. Make sure you are wearing some type of swim parka (a.k.a. Surf-fur!) or warming gear over your suit until it is time for you to get into the pool. It is very important that you keep your body temperature at the normal degree and not get chilled. Cold muscles are slow muscles! Don’t forget to drink lots of water.

photo shoot on beach march 2009 204

Smart swimmer is modeling the Surf-fur and her UGGs. She looks really warm and happy.

Pre-race warm up; stretches done a short period before the race to get the blood pumping and make sure muscles are still warmed up. Make sure you are still wearing your warming gear over your suit as long as you can. Don’t forget to keep your feet warm. Wool socks or UGGs are best.

Post race warm down; After your race, put your Surf-fur on as soon as possible and begin to stretch. If you are doing both trials and finals, you will need to make sure you keep your body temperature up and muscles stretched. If you have a parka that you can throw on immediately, do that until you can completely dry off and change into dry clothes. Also, make sure you are sitting on something like a parka or towel and have something on your feet to keep them warm as well. Drinking warm liquids throughout the day will also help you to stay warm from the inside out.

high dive

Steven Lobue is preparing for a cliff dive off the cold shores of Wales in his Surf-fur. He did win the contest that day!


  1. Waiting: While you are waiting for your race, you may want to put on your Ipod and listen to some music to get you ready. You may even want to visualize yourself doing the race from the moment you’re up on the block to the moment you hit the wall. This will help you put your mind in a positive place. Many athletes use visualization techniques to help them plan for the race and set goals. Don’t forget to continue to drink water and stay hydrated.
  1. Post Swim: Dry off quickly, put your feet in the boots or wool socks, wrap your towel around you and put your Surf-fur on. Go warm down. Check in with your coach before changing into your dry clothes.

If you follow these steps, you will stay warm, protected and your body can perform optimally!


Since she is so warm, she is able to think about kicking some butt!



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