About Us

When it comes to keeping the coldest, wettest watermen warm, we don’t f**k around. We are serious about what we do. We make the highest quality warming gear for any waterman anywhere doing any kind of watersport. We can say this with the utmost confidence because people tell us this all the time. We have heard that we have saved people from hypothermia, from embarrassing towel droppings, from the wind, cold, wet sprays from boats and even from freezing after a tropical dive. We know who we are and we need you to help us share the warmth and love we manufacture…in China…using the highest quality recycled fleece we could find.

Who are we?

Surf-fur is the world's leading innovator, creator and producer of high quality, high performance clothing designed to help people of all ages stay warmer, perform longer and feel better while confidentially and comfortably pursuing their inner waterman no matter where their passion for water takes them.

Mission Statement:

Surf-fur's mission is to create the most innovative, reversible, waterproof clothing available - period. We are passionate about performance, we obsess over quality, and we are committed to developing break through products that help our customers stay warm and dry while pursuing their passion for water wherever they are.


Surf-fur's vision is to help our customers dominate the elements while enhancing their ability to enjoy the water under any conditions. We are dedicated to provide a product that helps and inspires watermen around the world to succeed in their most ambitious endeavors. We strive to provide a competitive edge and lasting value that drive our customers to compete harder, enjoy longer and fulfill their goals and/or wildest dreams.

Company Background

We started our company while out in the water surfing. We felt there was a need for warming products that were made just with the waterman in mind (a.k.a can get beat-on, wet, salty and sandy and then clean up nice and easy.) We spent several years finding the perfect fabric, making proto-types and finding a factory. In 2007, we received our first shipment of Waterparkas. And they were all messed up. As it turns out, we learned a lot about what wasn’t needed and what was missing. We improved the snaps, the reversibility, the fabrics and the cut and added a few luxuries to complete our vision with the current style of our Original Waterparka.

We are the only company that uses the word “Waterparka” because our parka is not just for swim, not just for dive, but it is for any lover of the oceans, lakes and rivers who gets cold and wet.

Who is “We?”

Cynthia and Zenon Issel, a married watermen couple that met while surfing and then got married on that same beach two years later, own the company. Zenon is an avid freediver and spearfisherman. If he goes a few months without catching a big white seabass, he becomes obsessed and hard to be around (not really if you don’t mind hearing about fish ALL the time). He also surfs, swims, and is a certified SCUBA diver. Cynthia is an obsessed surfer who goes out whenever there is an opportunity; big, small, raining, cold it doesn’t matter. She is also on an outrigger team and a certified SCUBA diver. Getting in the water is often challenging running the business and raising three boys, but it is a reset button and a matter of life or death for this couple.


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