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Apply To Be An Ambassador (currently closed)

The Surf-fur Wotterman Ambassador program is extended to unique individuals in various water communities who embody the Wotterman lifestyle and can relate to most or all of these traits:

We think we are more rational than we are.

We have a huge first aid kit stashed in every vehicle and boat.

We are leaders.

We are brave.

We are pragmatic.

We are adventure seekers.

Wasting energy being cold bums us out.

Job description:

Our brand ambassadors are men, women, groms and gromettes who venture forth to share our story in the commercial jungles of the world. They hold enormous power to sway opinion about our brand.

If you feel this is you, and you are interest in some of the benefits, then fill out the linked documents and email to:


  • First crack at new products and ones we are testing

  • Discounted pricing on items of your size

  • Occasional field testing for new products

  • Reposting of social media content

  • Model products (if you live near San Diego)


What is a Warmth Ambassador

Warmth Ambassador Questionnaire