SurfCheck Hoodie in BLACK – Surf-fur

SurfCheck Hoodie in BLACK

$ 139.00

Experience ultimate warmth, protection, and versatility with the SurfCheck Hoodie. Made with our proprietary three-layer fabric, it's windproof, waterproof, and breathable. Wear it under our Waterparka or on its own for unmatched comfort. With taped seams, soft lining, and convenient pockets, it's perfect for any occasion.

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100+ Verified Reviews

the ultimate warmth and 
protection for water sports 

Keep the cold at bay and maximize your time on the water 

100+ Verified Reviews

unparalleled warmth and versatility for every occasion

Keep the cold at bay and maximize your time on the water 

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windproof and waterproof 

Thanks to its proprietary three-layer fabric and taped seams, it offers unbeatable protection against wind, rain, and snow. Stay dry and cozy, no matter what nature throws your way.

breathable comfort

Unlike traditional waterproof hoodies, ours is uniquely breathable, allowing you to stay comfortable and prevent overheating during intense activities on the water.

premium quality & sustainable

Made from 100% polyester fleece, it combines durability and eco-consciousness. It's a reliable and sustainable choice for those who value both performance and the environment.

unmatched warmth in any weather

Crafted with our proprietary three-layer fabric, the SurfCheck Hoodie offers the perfect blend of windproof and waterproof capabilities. Its soft cream-colored fluffy lining provides a cozy haven, while the taped seams ensure maximum resilience against even the most unforgiving elements. From torrential rain to gusty winds, snow-covered landscapes to icy conditions, this hoodie is your shield against the forces of nature.

100+ glowing reviews

100+ Verified Reviews

stay warm and protected in any weather with the surfcheck hoodie

Gear up with the SurfCheck Hoodie for Unmatched Performance and Comfort


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